Ulrika Ekblom Photography Art Prints

Original photography by Ulrika Ekblom. Photographer based in Sweden. A collection of photographs mostly in some way connected to nature. I have still lifes of vegetables, fruits, berries, flowers and images from nature and a few other motifs I'm inspired to shoot.

I work with color and color combinations and this is where my inspiration for an image begins. If it is an arranged still life or if I see something in nature, in a market, maybe a green house it is the colors I’m firstly drawn to. Then the light, the shapes, the composition are very important too.

When I have the shot I start the editing work in photoshop. A lot happens here and for me it is sometimes like painting. I work with different tones of color, contrast and light. I do this until I have the feeling and the aesthetic I want in the image.

When the image is done in photoshop I have it printed on the paper I want it printed on as a test and if I need to make adjustments to the image for it to come through in the print I make that adjustement. And then it is ready for the shop!

I have both open and limited editions. The limited editions are signed and numbered and always sent from me in Sweden. The open editions are printed for Europe in Sweden and for the US and Canada printed by an equally high quality printer in the US. This so the print does not have to travel further than necessary.

Shop: https://www.ulrikaekblomartprints.com

Shop on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/UlrikaEkblomPhoto

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